Aquaforce Pond & Fountain Pump

Follow along with Dave Kelly, the Tech Guy, as he reviews the features and benefits of the new evolved line of Aquascape AquaForce water feature pumps. The AquaForce offers the combinations of energy-efficient performance and ease of maintenance making this pump the ideal choice for discriminating pond owners. Not only is the pump ideal for keeping a hole open in the ice over the winter months, it can also handle solids making it an ideal in-the-pond solution for those water features that do not have a skimmer.


Unlike most pumps, the AquaForce® is a water garden pump that’s designed to be placed directly into the pond. The AquaForce® is housed in what’s called a ‘pre-filter cage’ that prevents leaves, algae and other debris from clogging the pump. This cage also makes the pump safe to use in ponds with fish.

The AquaForce® comes with a convenient line of fittings, saving you time and frustration when trying to determine what plumbing is necessary for your particular pond’s set-up needs. The threaded collar on all fittings eliminates the need for tools during installation and removal.

The pump’s rotational ball fitting makes it easy to adjust the discharge position for your water feature. The unique location of the plumbing discharge on the side of the AquaForce®, positions the hose in a perfect location to run along the bottom of the pond (see illustration at end of article). Simply submerge the AquaForce® into the pond and it’s ready to supply water to an external filter. Since the pump can be submersed directly into the pond, it can double as a winter deicer.

Aquascape AquaForce PumpThe AquaForce® is equipped with an asynchronous motor, which makes the pump more powerful and energy-efficient than traditional water garden pumps. The pump’s high performance is achieved by combining the electrical efficiency of a mag-drive pump with the flow rates of a conventional motor driven pump. The hybrid style motor of the AquaForce® saves you hundreds of dollars in annually, costing less to operate than a 100-watt light bulb.

The pump’s rotor and internal housing are built of stainless steel to resist corrosion. The ceramic shaft and bearing provide exceptional durability and less rotating resistance compared to standard steel bearings, ensuring the rotor spins smoothly and efficiently.
The AquaForce® includes a 3-year warranty and is designed to meet the rigorous demands of operating 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

The combination of the pump’s high energy performance, high volume water flow, and ease of installation makes the AquaForce® a highly valued choice for discriminating pond owners.
Benefits of the AquaForce®

  1. Protective pump cage prevents large debris from clogging or damaging pump, thereby reducing maintenance
  2. Large cage openings allow for solids to be easily processed by pump, allowing debris to be passed and filtered, preventing the pump from being clogged or damaged
  3. Simple pump cage clips make it easy to open the protective pump cage to perform pump maintenance or remove debris
  4. The wide, flat shape of the pump cage makes it stable and easy to place in the pond
  5. The rotational ball output allows the pump discharge position to be easily adjusted, making this pump ideal for all shapes and sizes of ponds. This also allows the pump output to be used as a winterizing pump, preventing the pond from freezing completely over in colder climates
  6. The simple and secure threaded disconnect allows for the pump to be easily removed from the pond for maintenance or winterization without removing hose clamps or plumbing assemblies
  7. Asynchronous motor technology makes this pump more powerful and more efficient than traditional mag-drive or magnetically driven pond pumps
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