Aquatic Plant Choices for Your Pond

Spring is right around the corner and now’s the time to think about what new plants you might want to add to your pond. Whether you currently own a pond or are adding one to your landscape this year, here’s 5 aquatic plant choices that we think you’ll be sure to enjoy.


Golden Creeping Jenny: Lysimachia nummularia This little plant is great for concealing edges and works well in shallow areas of the pond or stream. Creeping Jenny softens the look of the pond’s edge and is easy to manage. Delightful, small yellow flowers add pops of color to your water feature.Creeping Jenny







Cork Screw Rush: Juncus effosus This quirky plant lends a punch of personality to the pond and can be planted in shallow edges up to 4”. The twisted grass-type plant (thus the name “cork screw”) comes in many varieties such as “Blue Medusa” and “Unicorn.”Corkscrew Rush






Water Forget-Me-Not: Myosotis scorpioides Dainty Forget-Me-Not thrives along the edge of a pond and in the streambed. This perennial’s tiny blue flowers bloom all summer long. Tuck it between rocks to soften the edges of your pond.Aquatic Forget Me Not







Parrots Feather: Myriophyllum aquaticum The feathery fronds of this plant make an impressive statement when used along waterfalls. As Parrots Feather grows it cascades over the rocks providing lacy green touches of interest. Pinch it off during the growing season and you’ll have more plants to use along the edges or stream.Parrots Feather








Joey Tomocik: Nymphaea ‘Joey Tomocik’ BEST FOR: 6-12” deep Bright yellow blooms remain open almost all day on this stunning hardy waterlily. Joey Tomocik can have up to 6 blooms on one just one plant. The blooms rise up out of the water up to 6” and are a true show-stopper.

Nymphaea Joey Tomosik





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Author: Bobby Kenyon
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