10 Steps to a Successful Spring Clean-out

Spring Pond Clean-out Lancaster, PA

Spring Clean-out Lancaster, PA

1.Start Draining the Pond – An inexpensive pump or a sump pump is sufficient. Be sure you use some of the pond water to fill a container with pond water for the fish.

2.Disconnect the Circulation System – This will allow the water in the plumbing to drain out.

3.Catch the Fish – Drain the pond down to the lowest shelf in order to catch fish easily and safely.

4.Remove Debris – Once the pond is drained, remove the large debris like leaves and twigs.

5.Wash the Pond – A 1,500 psi pressure washer or a high-pressure nozzle on a garden hose is recommended for pond cleaning.

6.Rinse the Pond – Rinse the pond from top to bottom with a garden hose without the high-pressure nozzle. This will help wash any remaining pond debris from under the rocks. As the dirty water accumulates on the bottom, continuing to pump it out.

7.Clean the Filters – Spray the filtration media until relatively clean and rinse down the inside of the filter units.

8.Refill the Pond – Pull the clean-out pump out and begin re-filling the pond.

9.De-chlorinate the Water – Most city water contains chlorine and chloramines and should be treated with a de-chlorinator before fish are introduced.

10.Acclimate the Fish – A spring clean-out can be stressful to fish, so proper acclimation is suggested to decrease stress and avoid future health problems. In order to properly acclimate your fish, you’ll want to slowly introduce it to the water by floating them in the pond fish and adding pond water little by little before letting them in.

Now your pond is officially ready for spring!

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