Here what previous clients are saying.

David Dierwechter

Re: C. E. Pontz, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to highly recommend C. E. Pontz – as a company and their employees. My wife and I had the pleasure of working with them in the design and construction of a rather large patio and landscaping project.

After initial consultation on our ideas for the project, the design we approved was executed to our specifications. C. E. Pontz installed a waterfall feature that blended perfectly into the surrounding woods and hillside. They also installed a two level patio using pavers, and a summer kitchen which featured a sink, refrigerator, double burners and a large gas grill.

We were so pleased with their work that we also contracted them to design and install up lighting on several trees along our driveway and path lights for the front walk.

Please feel free to contact me with and questions or concerns.

David Dierwechter

Alicia Gallagher

Dear Adrian,
We have obtained a final completion notice for this project and wanted to take
a moment to Thank you and your company personally for all of your hard work
and efforts. Your company was an integral part of completing this project and we
are very grateful for your diligence, attention to detail and dedication. It is working
with subs like you that make our job manageable and we are thankful for your
time and energy. We look forward to working with you on future projects.
Thank you again.

Alicia Gallagher
Assistant Project Manager
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Hi Al, “Once again, Job Well Done!”
The pond is in and we love it. It looks great and the guys did a wonderful job.
Please let them know. I was not able to see them when they left.



By the way, the guys did an excellent job on the pond.

Thanks Again,

Arlene and the Stonemasons

Hi Al, “Awesome work everybody! It’s amazing what teamwork will do to pull things together”

Thank you so much for the beautiful job done on our patio. The large stones are very dramatic
and it all blends in so well with what we had already. And, to have it done so early in the season
is fantastic. We’re very pleased!

Thank You,
James Adams

Pam Brightman

Hi Mr. Jenkins,   “Nice Job Pond Crew”

On Friday, your crew put in a lovely pond at our home in Maytown. We have been enjoying it all weekend.
They did a fine job and we appreciate it.

Pam Brightman

Amy Loercher

Dear Pontz & Sons,
I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the job that your team accomplished and the you
exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for your hard work on this project. I look forward to
receiving my quotes on the fence and patio and to working with you in the future.

Best Regards,
Amy Loercher

Benchmark Construction Company, Inc.

Dear Arlene and Adrian,
I wanted to Thank you for your kind and thoughtful gift of the beautiful poinsettia. You always think of us over
the holiday and take care of us all year!We would like to wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.
We look forward to working with you in the coming year as always.

Robert A. Brandt, Jr.
Benchmark Construction Company, Inc.

Bev and Dick Turner

Dear Adrian and Casey,
Finally! As I sit on my patio enjoying my beautiful waterfall I just want to say Thank You! Wow! We love it, sounds great and
haven’t filled it one time since it was finished. Your customer service was excellent. Also, everyone was professional at all times.
We appreciate your integrity and can certainly recommend C.E Pontz to others. Tell Casey anytime he is in the neighborhood,
please stop for a glass of iced tea!Thanks again for all your help it has been a long year!
Now we can sit and enjoy it.

Bev and Dick Turner

Karen G.

Hi Kristin,
Our Pond is wonderful. We get so much pleasure from it, our fish and frogs are fun and
fish are taking food from our fingers now. We recommend your company every chance we get!

Thank You!
Karen G.

Bill K.

Good morning Adrian,
We all wanted to thank you and your crew again, for an exceptional job! Can’t wait to see it all, with the plantings this year.

Glenn E.

The Guys did a great job! thanks


We have had C.E. Pontz Sons design and build a patio with a summer kitchen, a second patio with a fireplace and sitting area,  and a beautiful water feature that appears to be a totally natural stream flowing out of our hillside.  They also designed and installed up lighting for several of our trees and house.  Our several year association with them has proved to a very positive experience. We are proud to recommend C. E. Pontz Sons to our friends and others interested in a very professional and talented company.


Hi Adrian, I just got back to the office, and I am very pleased with the job Nick did. Please tell him. Thanks.

Jack M.

Jack came in today to pay his bill. He was SO impressed with the work Casey & Ryan did. He continued to rave about the excellent job they did! Thanks, Casey & Ryan!

Rochelle S.

Hi Adrian! I just wanted to let you know that Nick & Eric did a very nice job on the bush removal at my home yesterday, and completed the task within a few hours. They were both very nice and professional and worked very hard. I understand you are considering eric for mowing this year. If so, he would be welcome to mow my yard.

Frank L.

Thanks for the beautiful Job!


I wanted to mention to you, that last week Eric mowed my yard for the first time this season. Eric really knows how to mow and he did a very good job. I am hoping that he will continue to mow the grass at my property this year, and I believe that my yard will look
better than it has for the last few years.

Bob W.

The guys did a fantastic job. The pond looks great and the water is now clear!


I wanted to say your guys did a great job in rebuilding my pond. It is beautiful!


Charles K.

Dear Adrian (and our “lawn mower”)
We really appreciate our neatly mowed lawn each week! Not being able to do all we want to do is difficult, you two make it possible.

Linda & Chuck Lewis

Thank you for being available last night to offer professional advice, etc. to the 35 members of the Town and Country Garden Club of Lancaster. We appreciate you helping to make our evening a success. Hopefully, we have stimulated some interest in water gardening.
Chuck and Linda Lewis

Dick S.

Nick & Ryan did a good job cleaning my pond, you should be happy with employee’s like them.

Scott S.

Everyone that has seen the back and front yard think it is great. Again, thank the young men that did the work, they are true professionals.
Thank you,


Dave E.

Hi Adrian, The waterfall looks great! Your men were good to work with and seemed knowledgeable and worked efficiently.

Thanks again,

Jodi A.

Hi Adrian,
I went to see the waterfall 2 weeks ago after it was first installed, and it looks magnificent, not even landscaped. You and your crew did a fantastic job. I have not seen it yet with my sisters plaque placed somewhere in the falls…but I plan to see it next week when we come down to work on some planting of flowers, etc…

Thank you so much for your creativity and making this wonderful idea come to life and help us build something beautiful for AVS and for my sisters memory. Your kindness and excellent talent will forever be appreciated.


Carol T.

Thank you very much. Adrian and crew (Al) are just excellent help to us
with our lighting. Please tell them we appreciate their efforts.


Connie E.

I recently had my pond liner replaced and a new pond installed. I wanted someone to know the guys did a wonderful job. They completed everything to my satisfaction, took all my concerns into consideration, saved as many frogs as they could, worked in a timely manner, and cleaned up all debris and had the pond pumps running smoothly.
Because of their work ethic and attitude I would recommend C.E. Pontz Sons to friends thinking of installing a pond.

Connie E.

Joe G.

Everything is great, and we love the waterfall. Our son and daughter-in -law, and family were here Saturday night for dinner and thought it looked wonderful.

Brian and Casey did an excellent job in fashioning the waterfall in the given area. Also, it was a pleasure meeting Adrian, as well as you, last Wednesday in our back yard.